Whether you’re drawn to the stars or the beauty of ancient villages, Basilicata offers a wide range of experiential tourism opportunities. From art workshops to guided tours of parks and gardens, visitors can immerse themselves in the region’s natural beauty and rich history, creating unforgettable memories to share with others.

Venturing off the beaten path, this region provides countless opportunities for visitors to explore authentic anthropological beauty, rich culture, and time-honored traditions. Immerse yourself in nature, savor traditional dishes, and experience the thrill of outdoor sports while rediscovering the area’s unique charm.

Lucania, known for its rich biodiversity and protected by numerous parks and reserves, offers the perfect opportunity to explore wild herbs, flowers, and medicinal plants during an excursion with experts in alimurgy, the study of edible wild plants, also known as 'foraging’.

If you want to learn more about medicinal plants, visit the Conservatory of Ethnobotany and Hortus Basiliano in Castelluccio Superiore, where you can explore a garden with over 150 native medicinal plants. Another option is the Park of Colours in Castelgrande (Potenza), dedicated to botanist Guglielmo Gasparrini and home to a 'Butterfly House’ with live butterflies in a tropical micro habitat. In addition, don’t miss the Sanseverino Botanical Garden in Grumento Nova and the Herb House in Pomarico for learning about and identifying wild herbs.

Basilicata’s low light pollution makes it the perfect place to admire the night sky in the countryside and mountains or around small hilltop villages. Visitors can connect with the universe at the Anzi Astronomical Observatory, the Museum of Science and Space-Sparkme Space Academy in Matera, and the Castelgrande Space Debris Observatory, all offering unique opportunities to explore scientific and astronomical wonders.

Experience the territory in a unique and enchanting way by diving into the world of fairy tales and magic. Begin your journey in Rapone, known as the 'village of fairy tales’, and with the book 'Lo Cunto de Li Cunti’, written in 1600 by Neapolitan author Giambattista Basile, who was inspired by the Lucania region and collected and translated numerous folk tales. The Rapone Fairytale Festival is a community initiative that brings the most beautiful fairy tales to life through an artistic and cultural route. Explore the five fairy tales trail, visit the multimedia museum 'C.E.R.A. una volta’, and enjoy the adventure park with trails dedicated to fairy tale characters.

The tour continues through the enchanting towns of Albano di Lucania, Colobraro, and Agromonte, each offering its own unique and fascinating attractions. Albano di Lucania is known as the 'town of Magic’ and was the subject of Ernesto De Martino’s research in the 1950s. Colobraro offers the captivating 'Sogno di una notte a quel paese’ initiative, while Agromonte is the town of riddles, nestled among the peaks of the Pollino National Park, a Unesco natural heritage site. Visitors can marvel at the loricate pine, often referred to as the 'living fossil’ or the 'dinosaur of trees’, which takes center stage in this magical and extraordinary setting.

One option is to participate in workshops that blend outdoor experiences with the exploration of new locations, ancient customs, and delicious local cuisine. For example, in Lavello, there’s the 'Bloom essence of nature’ workshop, which aligns with the blooming of the lavender fields. In Grottole, you can learn from a master cheesemaker and create your own cheese. Additionally, there are workshops for ceramics, papier-mâché, and camera trapping courses with Ceas staff in the Pollino National Park.

Guests have the opportunity to explore ancient sheep trails by riding donkeys with local farmers, or they can experience the healing benefits of the forest by joining certified guides from the Forest Therapy Institute for a guided forest immersion experience.

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