The artworks will later be auctioned off in a virtual auction. All proceeds will benefit homeless people in Hamburg. „Many homeless people live in an existential crisis. We want to help them so that they can have a better life. The proceeds of the auction will go towards helping them find a home,” adds Sturm.

Art and AI help homeless people find a voice

The Homeless Gallery helps homeless people in Hamburg express themselves through art. AI gives the artists the opportunity to create artworks with the help of digital technology. By auctioning off the artworks, more funds can be raised to help the homeless in Hamburg.

The exhibition is a unique combination of art and AI that brings attention to the plight of homeless people in Hamburg and gives them a voice. The Homeless Gallery is a reminder that we should not forget those who are less fortunate and that we should do our best to support them.

The Homeless Gallery

The Homeless Gallery is an art exhibition in Hamburg, Germany. It was created to raise awareness of the plight of homeless people in the city. The exhibition features artworks created by homeless people. It will be open to the public from August 10th to August 14th.

The exhibition was created by the non-profit organization “Wir für Hamburg e.V.”, which was founded by Jörn Sturm. Jörn’s aim is to help people in need. He hopes that the exhibition will help to raise awareness of the issue of homelessness in Hamburg.

What can you do?

You can help the homeless people in Hamburg by donating to the “Wir für Hamburg e.V.” organization. Here are some other ways you can help:

  • Volunteer at a local homeless shelter
  • Donate food and clothing to homeless people
  • Organize a fundraiser
  • Spread awareness of the issue of homelessness

The Homeless Gallery exhibition is a great way to help raise awareness of the plight of homeless people in Hamburg. We urge you to visit the exhibition and support the cause. Every little bit helps!

Thank you for your support and for helping to make a difference in the lives of homeless people in Hamburg.

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