The Viennese auction house im Kinsky is set to unveil a long-lost masterpiece of Austrian Modernism: the „Portrait of Fräulein Liese” by Gustav Klimt. The painting, which was believed to be lost for around 100 years, has been in the possession of a private Austrian citizen, hidden from the public eye for many decades.

The rediscovery of this portrait, from Klimt’s last creative period, is truly remarkable. As a leading figure of Viennese Art Nouveau, Gustav Klimt is synonymous with fin de siècle Austrian Modernism. His portraits of successful women from the upper middle class at the turn of the century are highly esteemed worldwide, and his work commands top prices in the international art market. Paintings of such rarity, artistic significance, and value are rarely seen on the art market in Central Europe, including Austria, where works of similar importance are almost never available.

The „Portrait of Fräulein Lieser” will be showcased at various international locations in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, and Hong Kong before being auctioned at the im Kinsky house in Vienna on April 24, 2024. The painting will be auctioned on behalf of the current owners, Austrian private citizens, and the legal successors of Adolf and Henriette Lieser based on an agreement in accordance with the Washington Principles of 1998. im Kinsky, Austria’s second-largest auction house, has over thirty years of expertise in Austrian Modernism and is well positioned to handle these sensitive projects with historical and legal knowledge. For more information and a long version of the press release, visit

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