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In a move to enhance supply chain flexibility for their customers, SHL Medical and SteriPack Group have announced a non-exclusive strategic partnership. The collaboration aims to establish a pre-validated final assembly service at the SteriPack facility in Poland, in addition to SHL Medical’s existing services in the United States. This partnership will provide high-quality CMO options to pharmaceutical companies in Europe.

“This partnership is a significant addition to the Molly® platform value proposition. We share common values with SteriPack, from focus on the customer to a commitment to quality, making the decision to collaborate straightforward.”

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Markus Puusepp, Chief Growth Officer of SHL Medical, expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying:

Recognizing the importance of flexibility and time-to-market in clinical production, the partnership with SteriPack will provide SHL Medical’s customers with highly flexible and personalized final assembly and packaging solutions. This is particularly beneficial for handling small batches in clinical supply and niche markets such as rare diseases. Highlighting the comprehensive capabilities of the Molly platform, SHL Medical aims to provide tailored solutions that will improve service, shorten timelines, and streamline the supply chain for its diverse customer base.

”SteriPack Group looks forward to supporting SHL Medical and their customers in providing quality and flexible solutions to a fast- moving market. With an emphasis on creating service solutions designed around specific customer requirements, this partnership will make the process of working with the Molly platform an easy decision.”

John Ward, VP Pharmaceutical Solutions at SteriPack Group, gave his thoughts on the matter.

SHL Medical Overview

SHL Medical is a leading provider of advanced drug delivery systems, partnering with top pharmaceutical and biotech companies. With a focus on patient independence, SHL Medical designs, develops, and manufactures autoinjectors, pen injectors, and specialty delivery systems for large-volume and high-viscosity formulations. They also provide final assembly, labeling, and packaging solutions. In response to the growing trend in home therapy, SHL Medical has expanded their work in the digital healthcare sector to enhance drug delivery.

SHL Medical operates across Switzerland, Taiwan, Sweden, and the US, with a global team of experts who work seamlessly together to utilize the company’s extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities. The solutions offered are customized and optimized for each project, with a proactive focus on integrating sustainability-driven measures into designs and processes to contribute to a cleaner earth. For more information, please visit

About SteriPack Group

SteriPack Group (SteriPack) is a leading contract manufacturing organization with a global presence. Specializing in innovation, quality, and compliance, SteriPack offers a range of services to the pharmaceutical industry, including device design, packing, assembly, labeling, serialization, and aggregation of injectable formats such as vials, pre-filled syringes, and autoinjectors.

SteriPack offers customized solutions tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized batch volumes required for targeted therapies and clinical trials. With expertise in cold chain, cleanroom Class ISO 8 injection molding, cleanroom assembly, and Sterile Barrier Systems for medical devices, SteriPack has become a trusted partner to over 200 clients worldwide. The company operates from locations in Poland, the UK, Malaysia, and the US. For more information, visit

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